Sad Unrequited Love

There was a girl once, Fate doesn’t care but Wendy was her name. It doesn’t make the craft paper mache stick together anymore in my dreams. We were ready to0 double. Double the trouble. Then we were torn apart before we could really start. There was too much trouble in my part of town. OthersContinue reading “Sad Unrequited Love”


My Rice Crispy Valentine

You’re the grape juice in my wine the fruit upon my vine My Rice Crispy valentine. Of all the things there are you are completely all of them Please allow me to list them. The cackle in my cauldron The grease upon my wheels The stove I cook upon The meter I pay into The alleluia inContinue reading “My Rice Crispy Valentine”


Like beer and lemonade! Like cheese and pickle! Like Townies and Burberry. Me and Him were like this. (Shows fingers crossed) And now I recall it all. Like lemmings, we were curled up feet apart on my bed while the music was playing and the sounds were coursing through my head. And all the emotionsContinue reading “Together”

The Circumference That I Had Always Wished For.

prompt ( from Anonymous on Tumblr): i am in love with a man who is a mathematician. i can never be with him, never. he is way too good for me and despite seeing the saddest colours when he takes off his glasses, the flecks of blue in his eyes, he completes me. i justContinue reading “The Circumference That I Had Always Wished For.”

I will be with you

I will be with you I will be with you, you are the sunshine that brings me out of my curmudgeonly self. Angels possess less grace than thou. Distance has us at a disadvantage except for the times when  these two prisons of flesh share stolen glances and bare conversations that in hindsight were flirtatious and complimentary. IContinue reading “I will be with you”