Word Commander

If I was all like
A Word Commander Be it
A Word Commander
I’d be your walking talkin’
Word Commander, I.

am Word Commander
Seeing the World Commander
Not gonna let it
be a bad World Commander
Give me your word commander

We can give you my
Word Commander yeah dig your
Word Commander just
Let it be Commander I
Am your world Commander See

A new world of Words
before you rubbing your chin
comes from within and
outside you and me commander
Welcome to World Commander

Your World Commander
I am your World Commander
Listen World Commander
You and me World Commander
Go into the World Commander!

Sing along to the tune of End Game then let it go through a stomp…
Written in verses of Senryu form (5,7,5,7,7 syllables)
Spot the deliberate mistake in the final verse!
This is my best song ever!

mad medley

I’m the one you are looking for


Stare up at the ocean

Look up to the sky

… the world is in motion

and we are passers-by

I’m the one you’re looking for


Eleven in a bed and the little one said

Roll over, roll over

So we all rolled over and one fell out

And he hit his head and we heard him shout…

I’m the one you’re looking for


We are amazed, you spend your days…

Shake, rattle, roll

Shake, rattle, roll

Shake, rattle and roll!

I’m the one you’re looking for


I’m the one you’re looking for


Please remember to tie a knot in your pyjamas

Single beds are only made for one two three four

I’m the one you’re looking for


I’m the one you’re looking for



One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’

She was beautiful…

I’ve got to get out of here…

No time like the present…

Or the past…

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’

I should like that…

I do like that..

Fire a harpoon into the past

Faces, faces, I’m coming last

(coming at last)

I’m coming at last…

I’m coming at last…


I never thought I’d get out of there…

Nitrogen Two

Nitrogen Girl you see the part
The wholesale of a broken 💓
Waiting to be discovered
The seventy percent of me that no-one sees
Nitrogen Girl in you i have found
A reason to stick around hoping
You stick around too
Seventy percent of me and you
Nitrogen girl its so sad its only gonna turn out bad and i,ll be walking and youll be walking too. Whooa nitrogen girl stick around.we save thirty percent for ourselves and the rest we become nitrogen two. Whooa!

Shanghai Moon

I was a feeling in a night
a cold cold night
Trying to catch the morningstar
into Shanghai
Shanghai noon Wheres the best is free
Shanghai noon treading so fearlessly
Shanghai noon Talking so openly
In the cold dark feeling
You forget you are kneeling
Over the pits of despair
Not getting anywhere
When the Shanghai Moon is in the sky
–looking by
lying, feeling, crawling, sleeping
Shanghai Noon Where the best is free
Shanghai Noon  Treading so fearlessly
Shanghai noon- Talking so fricking LOUDLY
Shanghai Noon!
Oh the burning skies above me in my room
Watching as times goes by above me in my room
Over the ______moon
ta dad ad a da dada dad looooooooo!
Shanghai Noon Where the best is free
Shanghai Noon Treading so fearlessly
Shanghai noon Talking so openly

Andrew Watkins Nov ’17

Play On

It’s a wrong way of life
that you feel deep inside
knowing that you can’t go on
With the feeling going on

(Radios my only friend)
(don’t let it ever end)

Going down to the disco
Looking for someone alive
There’s a big get to
And you know you
did something right

Carry on Carry on
The Sgt Majors
got a baton

Carry on Carry on
Got a mate in a band
Got suicidal and he took your haaaaaa’nd

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Throw away the hipflask with the funnel
with the funnel
with the funnel
Can play on, and on, and on, and on, and on

Hay-Ku #!

Hay Ku! How are you?

I’ve been writing I’ve been bar-

ing my soul all for you

but it’s not getting me anywhere

just deeper into a pit of despair

where the sides are lies and high

and nobody gets out alive

Hay-KU, how are you?

I’ve been writing I’ve been baring my soul

all for you.

And I’ve been thinking of escape

on Santa’s sleigh but I had a fight with an elf

he accused me of stealing art for myself

just now Holy Cow An Original thought!

I should take it and frame it then when I am low

I can blame it for my current situation.

Hay-KU, How are you, I’ve been writing

I’ve been baring my soul all for you hay-KU

how are you I know I’m getting old but I

want it to be gold. I am feeling oh so low

Can you help me? I know where the lyrics come

from but where do they go?

Hay ku. Hay-KU, hey-KU (I hate you.)

Hay Ku! How are you?

I’ve been writing I’ve been bar-

ing my soul all for you

Oh Haiku. you have seen me through

and now I have turned on even you.

So much for art being sacred

nothing is. I don’t love you too. Hay-KU.


It’s a silver horse galloping past your window
the metamorphosis of past and future
stabled in your mind.
Images of tomorrow and yesteryear thrive
Emotions and hopes wither and die.
Our mothers wreak havoc; their knitting chaotic
Our fathers weakly admit they are wrong.
Our brothers and sisters without eyes
rely on their senses blind and bleeding
slipping through the piles of bodies
until they fall onto concrete floor 20 floors below.
Painted on smiles greet us wave us by
the great tombola in the sky, past wizened angels
and youthful crones. the old the meek the weak combined.
In my pencil case lives a troll. He hit. He hit. He hit.
In my mind lives the past and future and me.
Butterflies, Adam and Eve and hard men.
We are all waiting for our brethren, who never came.

by Andrew Watkins, Sept 2017