One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ She was beautiful… I’ve got to get out of here… No time like the present… Or the past… ‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ I should like that… I do like that.. Fire a harpoon into the past Faces, faces, I’m coming last (coming at last) I’m coming at last… I’mContinue reading “One Liners”

Shanghai Moon

I was a feeling in a night a cold cold night Trying to catch the morningstar into Shanghai Shanghai noon Wheres the best is free Shanghai noon treading so fearlessly Shanghai noon Talking so openly In the cold dark feeling You forget you are kneeling Over the pits of despair Not getting anywhere When the Shanghai Moon isContinue reading “Shanghai Moon”


It’s a silver horse galloping past your window the metamorphosis of past and future stabled in your mind. Images of tomorrow and yesteryear thrive Emotions and hopes wither and die. Our mothers wreak havoc; their knitting chaotic Our fathers weakly admit they are wrong. Our brothers and sisters without eyes rely on their senses blind andContinue reading “Hardmen”