I was walking down the street looking for information when I was rudely pushed aside. Blinded by the light, no landmarks in sight, I landed hard on my backside. On the ground is where they found me in total agreement with gravity but rocking from side to side like a shot antelope waiting to be finished off. Instead of the inevitable came a couple of hyena laughs and then silence until a friendly hand held onto mine. When the ambulance came I was told that there would be no more tears tonight. And they took me home.


Is This Real?

What does your heart tell you?

What do they say in there?!

Are they holding a revolt or not?

Have you never experienced bliss?

If so you will not know which way the wind is blowing

And as no-one can know someone’s true intentions

we must rely on our heads as well.when in the mist.

The voice of experience and knowledge is a tyrannosaur

and the other side well they know beeping nothing at all

except how to move you this way and that in a three-cornered hat.

Our friends and memories eventually all desert until we are left with nothing at all.

This is when you turn to your traitors soul and say ‘Show me the way to get home’

God Bless.


This Is Not Your Home

Said the labrador to the cat.

Said the cat in the hat.

said the hat to the mat.

Really I’m not hearing you right. This is my fucking home and screw you if you don’t know the difference asshole!

It’s like the Kama sutra.

Fucking bellhop.

The keys are in the door and the lock is engaged. Now excuse me, fuck off, I have got work to do.


In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room

listening to the gloom

It’s all so interesting

to me


OI’m going into town

to see what’s going down

In the store and on the street

Someone to see


OI’m not meeting anyone

this way seems so lame

Everyone seems so tame

In town.


OI’m not hungry for your

Thai but I’d share a coke

Bet your wonderin’ why

I’m single.


OI’m not in work anymore

I’m on long terms sick

On accounts of my head

not tick


OI’m not from round here

either. Come in closer

let me show you a map

of my home.


OI’m a steady sort of guy

I like DVD’s and Music too

Like Nerf Herder and



OI’m doing nothing now

Do you want to come home

with me and chill



That’d be cool

At Home – A Place to call home.

Isn’t it nice to just lie on a bed in a room at your parents place and just let all your worldly worries stay in your own place miles away from you now? And to catch up and talk about things that interest you with people that you care about. Of course it is.

Insert your witty quotation here.

Some people and their concrete examples of what is and what isn’t poetry. IDKnow. Really.

When people like me are drowning in their own sorrows bring in the critics on poetry to tell us who is hiding behind what.

I have sorrows and I like to express myself in poetry, this is me having something to say!

And if like now when I am relaxed and replete of coffee and with a good meal inside me I feel better about life all together so might stop doing some of the things I usually do at home. I usually draw and write. I cannot draw here as I have no mouse and scanner or Intuos tablet to work from so I will just write.

Well, the weekend is all planned out with the exception of tomorrow which may include me spending some time having a look at my sisters new house renovation which she has been working on for about a year now. Or it may involve beer and flowers. One of them definitely.

I will update you, dear reader, later.