Nom Qui Dorma Est

The droid took two steps forward, halted, and then resumed its wobbly path to a distant nebula. Its mother stood by smiling while its father grinned and beckoned it towards him. Neither of them saw the spaceship or its crew reach and grab the child. To them, he just simply vanished into the air. OneContinue reading “Nom Qui Dorma Est”


Number withheld whenever you call Whenever I call dial zero, one, two, three, four into the earpiece in whatever order you choose. In which directory? OK to call? Beneath details, number 1, 2, 3, 4, beneath details open the door foreword into detail into which detail? You? Which you? Receive a light, puff away inContinue reading “Whatever”

How Not To Write A Good Poem

Barnacles , Testicles, Wallet , Watch I must be a good Catholic I know the Pope can only be a man I know nothing much else. AM Watkins Distilling words into poems is no joke. Neither is it like making whisky. Through the vacuum of space like a place in your mind where words areContinue reading “How Not To Write A Good Poem”