The Peyote-ry Zone

I cannot lie. I only became good at poetry after copious consumption of narcotics. Hence I wrote this. I would be ignorant to state that those who stand in the way of good peyote-ry might shudder inwardly at the thought of so many laws being broken: meter, iambic pentameter etc in the pursuit of a morally good existence/life butContinue reading “The Peyote-ry Zone”

From Beyond The Grave

Instead of, replacing, substitute great lines of mere words in order. Great men, musicians, playwrights, novelists stealing my future from their graves Stalling me in my tracks for style Mocking my attempts at verse Without batting an eye for a plagiarist who ‘quotes’ them in inverted commas borrowing from their fame and efforts neither trialledContinue reading “From Beyond The Grave”


Whoosh (air) Something came in, something left beats rhyme, cymbals moan, pipes groan, vocals rest their hands on your shoulders and take you for a dance. Casino sounds merge with memory to leave you skint with feeling Did you ever get carried away with thrash guitar and drums? In that state of suggestion, anything comes toContinue reading “Ash-ed”


Bliss.Call advertising agency. Maybe negotiate with me. Bad call. Maybe. Bad left. Naomi. Water cone. Hot chocolate. Bagel. Strawberries and cream. Bad left. Call her. Naomi said. Suggested. OK left. Now! Lisa. Residential addresses begin before Rupert begin. Bent knees. Begin hello! Arigato! photocopier. coffee. Normal. Mr Watkins. You can go upstairs. Is that yourContinue reading “Bliss”