Extended Haiku Poem

An image like a vine
carries negativity
from my earth to sky

Rooting me to spot
the greenfly of hope die there
and fall off in clumps

The sound of calling
cancels growth of emotion
empathy regained

I trot to dinner
where the fruits of our labours
drown us in a haze

Falling and climbing
Without making a sound shoots
carry on the breeze

The vine is like that
too using imagery of
amphora to gain

A foothold places
It has never ever been.
Conversation grows

and turns this way then
that like a drunken’s pencil
writes a note to God

‘I love the vine wine,
women and song, family
of grapes such as we

should never be CRUSHED!!
As the bottle falls and SMASHED!!
I fall to the floor

With a groan, Wasted
smashed open like a grape; wine
puddles at my feet

Bacchus! You bastard!
That was a terrible waste…
Was that meant to be?

I stagger to my
feet looking for a seat, a
drink of the vine wine

to reassure me
Everything is alright. I
stagger outside and

See the Vines stretch a-
way and that feeling comes back
You’re nowt but a hack!!

And I see inside
nothing so grand as the vines
or fruitful or wise

Then I hear a voice
‘Andrew, come back inside!’ So
go pretend I’m vine.


Little by little I suppose it gets inside us; humanity, common and solid.

And all the signposts and cobbled streets that have worn out our shoes

have a destination of a spaghetti junction of a sort. We can go everywhere all from one place.

Imagine God was a gardener as a young man/deity. Now he is old and white curly hair straggles over his shoulders in wisps that blow into his eyes.

A magic pond lies in his garden. A Seeing pool where God can see the future of anything.

Now that’s poetic!

Archetypes and architects vying for control. How does He judge? Throw in a  stone or control without a ripple?

Will Gods plan work for me? It hasn’t been going all that well lately. I can tell you it’s rough at times. So you have to be tough as little by little it gets inside.

Where is God when you need him? Cowering behind the Bougainvillea again

Gods sense of humour. Omnipotently funny! Esp for other deities.

It’s like laughing at the moon for me. I might turn into a werewolf. Ow Owwwww!

Where’s God when you need a policeman? Where’s God when you are lying in bed with the covers held tight in your hands? Little by little our God of old gets usurped by common humanity. We say the Lords Prayer and remember when we last forgave others and the last time we said ‘deliver us from evil’ asking God for help through prayer.

Little by little, I suppose we get closer to God as we age and further from the humanity of our childhoods replaced we hope by wisdom learning and acceptance.

Where is God when people are getting murdered stabbed and in slavery? Where is the God of the sexually and emotionally battered and abused? How many times must we hear a story of souls forsaken by God and humanity and taken before they have had a chance or opportunity to shine?

God made us in his own image. We might not as individuals have the power of thunderbolts like our military and that of our allies so you may say. I am not powerful. I cannot change anything. Whats the point?

The answer is…time for a break. Back in fifteen minutes. We are not slaves. Sometimes just giving up when there is so much else going on is the right thing to do. Don’t blame me. God gave us intelligence to think with like thinking how can I be a good Christian and still get what I want without becoming like my Dad or those neighbours down the road.

How do I get the God out of me and into my life? Well, you are doing it today by reading this. You are doing it all the time. But wouldn’t it be nice to go to church once in a while? or visit a friend? or praise Him in your own special individual way too.

I have never been one for communion. All paper and wine? I have had it explained to me and I do ‘get it’ but week by week it seems irrelevant and anachronistic. Maybe next time I am on holiday.I will take it. God help me!

Well time for that break? Thanks for reading and God Help Us!