Spidery webs across the page I look up and you are gone again A ball of light is all that remains Save the light of a conductors baton all is darkness without pattern That ball of light leaving lightning streaks used to illustrate our metaphorics writing in the language of gods we wept together againstContinue reading “Metaphorics”

Blood of the Volcanic Sands

Sulphurous decomposition leaves a conversation of desiccated remains and milky white bones beneath a parchment skin. A rictus grin tells of pain and a tear falls from my eye. My eye is drawn to a yellow biro pen in the jacket pocket of the corpse. I wonder who put it there, for later, when it wouldContinue reading “Blood of the Volcanic Sands”

Songwrite 6

Song For Sirens Looking at my monitor in despair Listening to songs I wanted to write Maybe if we were together I’d start to get things right Now it’s so great to see you And our friends are the magic glue Baby I’m starting to believe there’s nothing better than me and you. Now itContinue reading “Songwrite 6”