Nitrogen Two

Nitrogen Girl you see the part
The wholesale of a broken 💓
Waiting to be discovered
The seventy percent of me that no-one sees
Nitrogen Girl in you i have found
A reason to stick around hoping
You stick around too
Seventy percent of me and you
Nitrogen girl its so sad its only gonna turn out bad and i,ll be walking and youll be walking too. Whooa nitrogen girl stick around.we save thirty percent for ourselves and the rest we become nitrogen two. Whooa!


C’mon we need

We need that feeling

Am I being groomed

Or is that just a feeling

of being confused?

C’mon we need

we need that feeling

To see ahead to calculate

the real from unreality.

Or am I being used?

C’mon we need

We need that feeling

It’s commonplace praying,

kneeling, so get on your feet

and start believing.

C’mon we need

We need that feeling

Of being wanted, included

and given some meaning

There I said it I must be


C’mon, C’mon

We need that feeling

We all need someone to believe in

Someone to take our cares away

Someone to talk to at the end of the day

Someone to make a new day

So C’mon everybody, C’mon everybody