haiku #685

…and I realise
I’m retro for the future
What clothes should I wear?


The Future

Articulate in yer face!
May I stay here and listen to you while my mind and senses explore on replay.
Still here talking!
On replay
On replay
Someone is bringing fresh drinks over
on replay
on replay
The party is busy but i don’t care
on replay
on replay
She’s not here but you’ll do instead talk all day
on replay
on replay
the future is the past
on replay
on replay
on replay
What are we gonna do?

Future Or Past?

When looking for further energy to expand
towards the future or the past should fate guide my hand?
For it seems that when the work is done
three parts of it is still in motion
mowing down the dominoes of the past
for hardly any forward motion.

Poem by Andrew Watkins

©2017 Andrew Watkins

The Future

Behind absolute lies vanquished
the masses in their classes
Small in the universe light horse
prances over fields and fences
over town halls into their homes
where it eats dances and farts sparkle dust.
Behind us lies the industrial corpse meat and offering to an old capitalism behind us.
In the future leave us behind like Beowulf and its imitators
And get your all day passes.

Right Again, Always

Oh! this love is strange, beguiling, insane. I was right again. Right on time. Right! This time and every other too. Hang on your not God. I know. But I am always right. I can’t help it like a disease sticks clothes to you with sweat. In the end, I will always be right. Yeah sure You are a millionaire! No, not really Although I live without a care, high in the air, like a sea-bird drifting on currents of air. I am always right in the end. Are you Death? Taxes? A bookman lest a problem, a cat without a hat, a dog with a bone getting annoyed? Or a surgeon on holiday in the sun? A priest without a church praying for his redemption or a child without a toy knowing its OK to cry for himself and for everyone? Are you insane? nobody is right in the end. We all make mistakes. Yes, I know all that thank you but I am insane enough to know that wishes do come true if you make them. So I am always right!