Feint Praise

I never know what I am going to write a minute before I write it. Feint praise. Feint print on a page. Feint margins. Ruled Wide. Grammar mistakes. Cricket Whites. Sunday Afternoon. Cream on a spoon. How the other half live. Food snobbery. Life’s a lottery. Getting closer. Interpersonal. Interscheduled. What have you? I’ts aContinue reading “Feint Praise”

This Ones For You

Did you ever look and think ‘that’s not for me’ because it was too big, too bright, too shiny? Then this song’s for you. It’s all I can do To give thanks to you and you and you for leaving more for me for me for me! I wanted to write a ‘Your Song’ like EltonContinue reading “This Ones For You”

Har Har Fuckin Har

4.00 am I am more than this. I am speed. I am motivation. Early morning run. On the edge of power. The water of life runs by. (Huge ponds of it) As my feet pound on the pavement. Green fields come into view Running around corners, skidding on dry dirt. Keeping my balance. 6:30 IContinue reading “Har Har Fuckin Har”