C’mon we need

We need that feeling

Am I being groomed

Or is that just a feeling

of being confused?

C’mon we need

we need that feeling

To see ahead to calculate

the real from unreality.

Or am I being used?

C’mon we need

We need that feeling

It’s commonplace praying,

kneeling, so get on your feet

and start believing.

C’mon we need

We need that feeling

Of being wanted, included

and given some meaning

There I said it I must be


C’mon, C’mon

We need that feeling

We all need someone to believe in

Someone to take our cares away

Someone to talk to at the end of the day

Someone to make a new day

So C’mon everybody, C’mon everybody


Feint Praise

I never know what I am going to write a minute before I write it.
Feint praise. Feint print on a page. Feint margins. Ruled Wide.
Grammar mistakes. Cricket Whites. Sunday Afternoon. Cream on a spoon.
How the other half live. Food snobbery. Life’s a lottery.
Getting closer. Interpersonal. Interscheduled. What have you?
I’ts a game. You should enjoy wasting time this way. Whats in the pot?
That’s a lot of working Saturday’s. Imagine! Trips to the off license.
Paris at the weekends. Shoed in. Lastminute.com Football games.
Little black dress comes complete with waitress. I’ll be shot.
You live a little , you live a lot. Love is the answer, some pray.
Every day you learn something and something that goes away. The papers say.
In a way I don’t care anymore so long as I feel at home. You want chew on my bone?
It has a name.Find it. Challenge yourself every day for a few seconds of play.
Make life a game. You are the umpire or referee and a player manager. Don’t just do what you are told. Life is full of regrets. People. Places. Probably races. Definitely faces. Its never too late to turn it around. There,there child. You don’t want to be like me when you are old. Make your own way to the start line every day. I’ll be thinking of you.

Did you ever think you weren’t given enough praise?

This Ones For You

Did you ever look and think ‘that’s not for me’

because it was too big, too bright, too shiny?

Then this song’s for you. It’s all I can do

To give thanks to you and you and you

for leaving more for me for me for me!

I wanted to write a ‘Your Song’ like Elton John

But when I got writing I thought it was wrong

To pretend and to write a song like ‘your song’ would be a falsehood

because I guess I need to sing ‘my song’ more or at least that how it seems.

Nevertheless, you are in my heart and whenever I hear

your bitter cry ‘It’s only for you’ then I recall a time I

thought the same about Prince and his Purple Rain.

Sometimes It’s allowing yourself to feel special enough

to say ‘I want it my way’ and sending a prayer or doing

what you must to sculpt that bust or show that smile

when you go the extra mile for someone you care for.

You can also go the Xtra mile for you. Nobody can say

you don’t care and if they do they are WRONG.

You have needs and are special too. I just wanted to remind

you and sing this song for you.God Bless You.

If you are tired and cannot go on then think of Solomon

Whose temple was in ruins and he rebuilt it stone by stone

until it shone in the sun. A testament to one man and his will.

If you can see it then you can make it real. Just concentrate on

where the pain is and heal. Then go out and earn your meal. And

remember that you have a brain. And achievement is sought after

by employers lovers friends and family. Nobody dates a loser.

Sing ‘My Song’ when your low and have nowhere to go. It’s only

natural to feel sorrow for the old ways and letting go of what you

used to know. And you will feel it every day for as long as it takes

to get to know you and where you can go and you will be surprised.

I just realised that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can also listen to ‘Your Song’

and we can make a deal if you like. Come back one day and comment on

my blog and tell me what you achieved.Go and make it real!


Har Har Fuckin Har

4.00 am

I am more than this. I am speed. I am motivation. Early morning run.

On the edge of power.

The water of life runs by.

(Huge ponds of it)

As my feet pound on the pavement.

Green fields come into view Running around corners, skidding on dry dirt.

Keeping my balance.

6:30 I am finished. Shower. Breakfast. Hum.

So when I feel like this again In my mind I can just run.