If I only knew…
What went on inside
or behind closed doors
If I had been with you
for longer
Then I would love you more
not less. I would have loved you the best.


ChamelNEON Blue

ChamelNEON Blue

If you ever are passing the pet shop on Coventry Road have a look in!
Inside you will find creatures of the most amazing kind
Ones that sit and stare and others that want to eat you
And then there is the big bright McCaw to talk to
and say you have seen all this stuff before anyway.
But there is one attraction that will leave you breathless and want more
Its green and gold and blue and yellow! Not to mention red and Bright orange then NEON blue.
It’s the ChamelNEON, very rare from Peru!
It’s so bright that you can save on the leccy
and watching it change colours is better than the telly.
You can even take it on holiday! Just take a passport sized photo.
Yours for only £159.99 but you need a tank too.
And It won’t fit in the loo and you need heating too.
But it’s worth it just to see it shine and glow in all your guests faces boat races.
Lets face it, It’s unique. And therefore…well that’s up to you… but clean for you it won’t do!
So if you are going round there anytime soon then take a friend and share and even take a photo!
To commemorate the time you saw the ChamelNEON blue!
Poem by Andrew Watkins. Do not copy or use without permission.

Little baby

You always prevaricate me into something else
One minute I have good intentions
The next I am examining my navel
What power have you to distort and distend
(when all I wanted was a friend)
From a position of responsible humility
I appear reckless and spendthrift
What powers have thee over history?
From a position of seeking knowledge
I am forced to be a maverick
What is this strange power over me?
Is it that I am a baby and you a wizened crone
or is it from the time I said ‘Mom, I don’t want to come home,’
Now the cat is out of the bag and I wonder
Will you track me down and make me pay?
Or will I live to fight another day alone
And then like Charles Bronson walk you home?
One thing is sure there will never ever be another
like you Mom, Father, Sister, Lover, Brother.

by Andrew Watkins


Family Dinner

Authonomy is something to Aspire to
While meaning down in the stew
in the gravy where the meat separates
and the vegetables tenderise.

Entire nations of Mars Attacks
live down there polishing their spaceship
and maintaining death ray guns
whilst enjoying the rich aromas.

Someone is stirring the pot with
a wooden handled spoon whilst
humming a tune and glancing
around the room

The front door opens and clicks
shut with authority. It’s the mailman
come home and he has a parcel for his wife.
Outside the windows clouds gather in gloom.

Toy race cars and my little pony enjoyed in their fantasy worlds
by youngsters, learning to use their minds
As they crash through barriers whiny and shrill
the sound of normality comes from a shout

Dinner is Ready!

When the house is bathed in midnight oil
and the only sound is of breathing then the
mouse opens one eye then another and creeps
out of his hiding place cheese in mind…


Inspired by Authonomy Gold Medal Winner, Richard Ankers.