Little baby

You always prevaricate me into something else One minute I have good intentions The next I am examining my navel What power have you to distort and distend (when all I wanted was a friend) From a position of responsible humility I appear reckless and spendthrift What powers have thee over history? From a positionContinue reading “Little baby”

Family Dinner

Authonomy is something to Aspire to While meaning down in the stew in the gravy where the meat separates and the vegetables tenderise. Entire nations of Mars Attacks live down there polishing their spaceship and maintaining death ray guns whilst enjoying the rich aromas. Someone is stirring the pot with a wooden handled spoon whilstContinue reading “Family Dinner”

It’s Death: The Waiting

It’s the waiting that’s worst for me anyway. Not for the poor sod in hospital dying on a cliff edge. And those with him knowing but hoping to tear up on the inside and peace. The great Picard In The Sky says ‘Make it so’ and the life support is turned off and the podContinue reading “It’s Death: The Waiting”