Kawaii Chips

Did I want you? What the hell else am I doing here? tum-te-tum-te-hee! Are you going to tease me now? Only if you want me to… I don’t so… Sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna to the King of Kings Try not to break into Christian Song every time we go like this But IContinue reading “Kawaii Chips”

Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)

Scared of noises? Youu’ll be ready for all weather with new Rubber Goretex Massif Wellington Boots with white rubber silent soles. For the cautious Eco-Activist. Gather you test tubes and get ready… Meanwhile…Its Tuesday, not an ordinary day, not an amazing one. Tuesday. T-T-T-T-T-T-Tuesday. T-uuuuuuuuus-dddddday Its Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuuuuuuueeeeeeesssdddaaaayyyy!!! Where are you? On the Bus?Continue reading “Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)”

A Modern Way Of Living.Sketch.

The roar as the bus goes by too close and you realise things just got a little loose. It’s ten am and your lying in your bed and you hear the roar outside and see someone else waver on the edge of disaster. Nothing serious but one time… Perhaps toast and butter and blackberry jam with a cup ofContinue reading “A Modern Way Of Living.Sketch.”