Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story

Stitch…stabbing. Car death. Violent Death. Gunshot wound. A stitch in time saves nine. Cross stitch mutilation and torture. Embroidery. Incest familicide. Damn its hot in here! Take off some clothes. When you are comfortable I will begin. Once upon a time, there was a grandmother who was tired of cross-stitch and embroidery. One day aContinue reading “Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story”


Like beer and lemonade! Like cheese and pickle! Like Townies and Burberry. Me and Him were like this. (Shows fingers crossed) And now I recall it all. Like lemmings, we were curled up feet apart on my bed while the music was playing and the sounds were coursing through my head. And all the emotionsContinue reading “Together”

Runs (again)

Here is another Runs pieceĀ of writing with some rhymes thrown in it. ————————————————————————————————– Runs from one place to another without moving. Runs forward and backward without moving. Runs up your back without moving runs with your legs. There is a place where reflections catch the light in the glass mirror surface of the pool, WhereContinue reading “Runs (again)”