The Mason/Dixie Line

How will I know when i have crossed? There will be a sign. If I’m on the road that is. Anyway, I live in Birmingham not somewhere in America. Unless it’s in my head. Better not say that.  Mark Knopfler, Crosby Still and Nash. Not usually on my playlist but what the hell am I talking about. I listenContinue reading “The Mason/Dixie Line”

Out of Shielding Poem

Out of shielding at last ‘Out?: she asked with a gasp. I think you’re being deliberately obtuse For it’s not my mouth that been out of use It’s the pubs that are closed and the dentist too No more people asking to use the loo We’ve been busy during our shielding Doing decorating and jobsContinue reading “Out of Shielding Poem”

Asleep In The Club

Up before dawn to line up outside the raining shining hard on the pavement Did I forget something or is it my brain? Skyscraper babies Cloning of our lives Ourselves mere reflections of a consumer society gone wrong, consuming itself like a phage virus spitting out excretions of individuality to be consumed like cupcakes boughtContinue reading “Asleep In The Club”