Spidery webs across the page
I look up and you are gone again
A ball of light is all that remains
Save the light of a conductors baton
all is darkness without pattern

That ball of light leaving lightning streaks
used to illustrate our metaphorics
writing in the language of gods
we wept together against all odds
and made our mark on a land of sods

the cobwebs are bare and glistening
and I know that you are listening
to the sounds of old made new and christened
by the hands of god good is made
and ready are the arms graciously saved

Perhaps one day we will meet again
and preciously guard our love token
Until then fear not for we are saved
by our brethren in these cold cold days
lift up your spirits and behold
the rites of passage from infirm to gold


Copyright Andrew Watkins 2019

The Salt

Over rocks and gravel
I stick my tongue
hunting for the sweet taste
of salt
My body needs it
My body feeds it
the sweat needs it
to be
the sweet taste of salt
Turning over stones
I lick underneath
dislodging the creatures
whom I seek
I could be at this
another week for
the sweet taste of salt

Copyright Andrew WATKINS 2019

The Dock

I am the dock
singing your tune
on mute, on volume
singing crazy tunes
verse 1 came slowly
like a metaphor
whispered in the dark
you had me at start
verse two was a melody
a head rush fatality
and I came crashing down
verse three was a story
of tales remain untold
verse four was closed
subtronic apologised
verse 5 was cold like
a winter snow
verse 6 was a hymn
over and over
verse 7 in the clover
just like heaven
now i recompose and listen
and forget my owes
and debts to society


Copyright Andrew Watkins 2019

The Pussywetters

The pussywetters come smiling
the pussywetters have a bucket
and they will put you in it
the pussywetters
the pussywetters have a plan
the pussywetters care for no-one
the pussywetters
the pussywetters
soak him in shit and he’ll be right out of it
soak him to the skin and he’ll have to let us in
the pussywetters
the pussywetters
let them know our frequency
let them know were living carefree
let them know there is only one chance
pussywetters never finding romance
pussywetters never show their face
pussywetters never in a rush
pussywetters and the burning bush


I was told to be bold
And this is the colour of my hair
I was fed a load of lies
And I always lower my eyes
There is comfort in being cold
Locked away in my little lair
Surrounded by the buzzing of flies
And I always lower my eyes
I believe My heart already sold
That I should live my life without a care
And be happy at goodbyes
And I always lower my eyes
And one day I’ll be old
But I’ll have expensive clothes to wear
And a selection of ties
And I always lower my eyes
So I hitch my rucksack
and pull down on my jacket
And get ready to tell them lies
And I always lower my eyes

Hackers Suck!

Why don’t I feel comfortable in front of my computer?
Is it the breakdowns, the stress, or the fear of hackers?
Why don’t I care if this doesn’t suit ya?
Is it the work/life balance or the feeling called love or crackers?
If I could I would suit and boot ya!
All the way to Looney Tunes!!
What is this life if full of care we have no time to sit and stare?
What exposition would convince you that boring is stupid and life is short
What commonplace object? Would you care?
Isn’t design the answer to life’s problems?
Can this be found in an office chair?
So I implore you to see; the design is where I am meant to be!
I would have been pleased to meet you a petrol head
I would have told tails of poisonous women’s’ lips
I would have been less than Schizophrenic
But you had to have it your own way, computer
And this is why we can’t be friends.
So, it looks like I’ll have to work with my enemy, even if it drives me around the bends!