You Got To Love Cats!

Man! They are so cool. They just lie there then remind you they require feeding!

I have found some pretty funny cat gifs on another WordPress Site here so I wanted to add a little poem of my own.


Funny , Strange, A Little Awkward

That’s what my cat thinks of me I am sure.

When he purrs and rubs past my ear 

its clear what he wants, to be heard.

I try the best I can to reciprocate

with the master of the known universe,

but its already too late, He’s staring at my face

And I feel that same love I felt before

Of a life that’s mine to protect and serve.


More Cat Writing

You were made to eat. Its up to your face but after its clean and perfect again. Your fur is purrfect black and white. Your construction gangly  -you will grow into it. You are a thrill. You Tinkebell are brave and lithe of limb. then you crumple and your back legs slows down when your back legs are round your head. You are a promise of fun. At play you are OK. Life is too harsh for you but you will grow into it. Day turns to night , night turns to day and I’m in a daze. A zombie opens your pouch and pours out your food. A selections of dried stars and I’m ready again. I’m not hungry. I don’t eat breakfast. You are nowhere to be seen. Your litter tray tells me you were here recently. What a smell! If you were a baby and i was alone. I dread to think. Where have you gone? With hindsight you were young – the rest is easier, you have grown into it.