Extended Haiku Poem

An image like a vine
carries negativity
from my earth to sky

Rooting me to spot
the greenfly of hope die there
and fall off in clumps

The sound of calling
cancels growth of emotion
empathy regained

I trot to dinner
where the fruits of our labours
drown us in a haze

Falling and climbing
Without making a sound shoots
carry on the breeze

The vine is like that
too using imagery of
amphora to gain

A foothold places
It has never ever been.
Conversation grows

and turns this way then
that like a drunken’s pencil
writes a note to God

‘I love the vine wine,
women and song, family
of grapes such as we

should never be CRUSHED!!
As the bottle falls and SMASHED!!
I fall to the floor

With a groan, Wasted
smashed open like a grape; wine
puddles at my feet

Bacchus! You bastard!
That was a terrible waste…
Was that meant to be?

I stagger to my
feet looking for a seat, a
drink of the vine wine

to reassure me
Everything is alright. I
stagger outside and

See the Vines stretch a-
way and that feeling comes back
You’re nowt but a hack!!

And I see inside
nothing so grand as the vines
or fruitful or wise

Then I hear a voice
‘Andrew, come back inside!’ So
go pretend I’m vine.

Word Commander

If I was all like
A Word Commander Be it
A Word Commander
I’d be your walking talkin’
Word Commander, I.

am Word Commander
Seeing the World Commander
Not gonna let it
be a bad World Commander
Give me your word commander

We can give you my
Word Commander yeah dig your
Word Commander just
Let it be Commander I
Am your world Commander See

A new world of Words
before you rubbing your chin
comes from within and
outside you and me commander
Welcome to World Commander

Your World Commander
I am your World Commander
Listen World Commander
You and me World Commander
Go into the World Commander!

Sing along to the tune of End Game then let it go through a stomp…
Written in verses of Senryu form (5,7,5,7,7 syllables)
Spot the deliberate mistake in the final verse!
This is my best song ever!

Breathe Away

It’s just in my head

A race car revving its engine

And accelerating

acrid smoke going up my nose

and into my eyes

runaway time

No escape from the pressure

It’s a pressure cooker

on slow cook

tenderising my brain

making gravy out of thoughts

making films out of visions

Standing in line

normality is shattered

my heart thuds, my head hurts

in the calamity of Liszt

dreary dry roads exhaust smoke

rubber dust and smog

breathe away your purity

as the man-made pollutes

and makes your daisy a triangle

the grass is introspection

on a summers day

breathe away your purity

as age gets its way.


The rock of ages
the r-o-k of ages past
Can you see the future
In the bottom of your glass?
Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
Can you see your future
in the bottom of a glass?
lost for inspiration
drowning in despair
the dove spots land
it’s a tigers lair

Camelot comes calling
bringing Guinevere

The rock of ages
the rock of ages past
can you see the future
in the bottom of a glass?

Taking her by the hand
Take her to the promised land
Mistake her progeny
For a shining future
Beware the devil’s cards
Camelot will shoot ya!

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
Can you see your future
in the bottom of a glass?

The days are one long carnival
Misers are convivial
the future has become the past
Camelot keeps calling
you can keep bees…
Or I’ll bring you to your knees

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
can you see your future in
the bottom of your glass?

There’s a bee that’s buzzing
in your ear telling, you are very near
to the mansion house
to the Emblazion!!
to the Emblazion!!

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
can you see the future in the bottom of a glass?

Emblazion!! Emblazion!!
One step to heaven
Two steps back
When will the future
Cut me some slack?

mad medley

I’m the one you are looking for


Stare up at the ocean

Look up to the sky

… the world is in motion

and we are passers-by

I’m the one you’re looking for


Eleven in a bed and the little one said

Roll over, roll over

So we all rolled over and one fell out

And he hit his head and we heard him shout…

I’m the one you’re looking for


We are amazed, you spend your days…

Shake, rattle, roll

Shake, rattle, roll

Shake, rattle and roll!

I’m the one you’re looking for


I’m the one you’re looking for


Please remember to tie a knot in your pyjamas

Single beds are only made for one two three four

I’m the one you’re looking for


I’m the one you’re looking for



The Future

Articulate in yer face!
May I stay here and listen to you while my mind and senses explore on replay.
Still here talking!
On replay
On replay
Someone is bringing fresh drinks over
on replay
on replay
The party is busy but i don’t care
on replay
on replay
She’s not here but you’ll do instead talk all day
on replay
on replay
the future is the past
on replay
on replay
on replay
What are we gonna do?

One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’

She was beautiful…

I’ve got to get out of here…

No time like the present…

Or the past…

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’

I should like that…

I do like that..

Fire a harpoon into the past

Faces, faces, I’m coming last

(coming at last)

I’m coming at last…

I’m coming at last…


I never thought I’d get out of there…

Nitrogen Two

Nitrogen Girl you see the part
The wholesale of a broken 💓
Waiting to be discovered
The seventy percent of me that no-one sees
Nitrogen Girl in you i have found
A reason to stick around hoping
You stick around too
Seventy percent of me and you
Nitrogen girl its so sad its only gonna turn out bad and i,ll be walking and youll be walking too. Whooa nitrogen girl stick around.we save thirty percent for ourselves and the rest we become nitrogen two. Whooa!