Extended Haiku Poem

An image like a vine carries negativity from my earth to sky Rooting me to spot the greenfly of hope die there and fall off in clumps The sound of calling cancels growth of emotion empathy regained I trot to dinner where the fruits of our labours drown us in a haze Falling and climbingContinue reading “Extended Haiku Poem”

Breathe Away

It’s just in my head A race car revving its engine And accelerating acrid smoke going up my nose and into my eyes runaway time No escape from the pressure It’s a pressure cooker on slow cook tenderising my brain making gravy out of thoughts making films out of visions Standing in line normality is shatteredContinue reading “Breathe Away”

One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ She was beautiful… I’ve got to get out of here… No time like the present… Or the past… ‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ I should like that… I do like that.. Fire a harpoon into the past Faces, faces, I’m coming last (coming at last) I’m coming at last… I’mContinue reading “One Liners”