Cross Customer Service

  How’s your cross? Did you make it 4 miles today in excruciating pain? Does it still hurt your back? Is it the standard size? Well, It’s sitting back and waiting for the crucifixion. Don’t worry it will all be over soon. Does customer satisfaction do your head in or what?

Torch Lite

I have come up with a name for a blog -Antonym. Also I have a torch: perpective and light. Sometimes Godlike in its capabilities. ‘Move on’ is my new mantra. Like Kindles? Sign up to read pre-release books here. Pentecost is soon. Move On. Some are coming, some are leaving; always making a noise.Continue reading “Torch Lite”

Love Is The Difference

Did you ever watch one of those television programs where a tv crew follows the lives of children from cradle to age 16 or so? And there were some who grew up to be right tearaways and others who were better adjusted. And often the child from the broken home would be less well adjustedContinue reading “Love Is The Difference”

1234 Who are we waiting for? Jesus – That’s Who

I’ve been expecting someone for a while now and have been expecting his return ever since I was young enough to understand. The Savior will come again. And the idea of host and guest will be turned on its head. And what have I been up to. And what has the church been up to? Preparing for HimContinue reading “1234 Who are we waiting for? Jesus – That’s Who”

Take Stock And ?

For me, it’s simple. Take stock and write, the rest will take care of itself. Like now. I have no subject to write about except Maya Angelou (I think that’s her name) I have only read one or two poems by her on but I can see skill where it is and feel somethingContinue reading “Take Stock And ?”

Christian Thought

OK. I am not perfect. In fact, I am as far away from perfect as you can get. In the past week, I have been umming and ahhing my way as I find out more about the life I might yet lead. Might. I feel mighty real. You make me feel mighty real. Communards OrContinue reading “Christian Thought”

The Armadillo

Imagine that you are an armadillo with an armoured carapace. What would you shield yourself from? Birds of Prey? Predators that prowl  in the night? It weighs a lot this armor but really you as an armadillo have no choice but to wear it. It is part of them and protects them fro when theyContinue reading “The Armadillo”