Blood of the Volcanic Sands

Sulphurous decomposition leaves a conversation of desiccated remains and milky white bones beneath a parchment skin. A rictus grin tells of pain and a tear falls from my eye. My eye is drawn to a yellow biro pen in the jacket pocket of the corpse. I wonder who put it there, for later, when it wouldContinue reading “Blood of the Volcanic Sands”

Soon Until Then Crow

Behind Crow stood Evan. 6 feet tall and weighing a hundred a fifty pounds most of it muscle. Behind Evan was the car. Evan picked up a sledge and swung it through the side window. The glass smashed with a loud pop. Crow pointed to the horizon where a gathering dust cloud announced the returnContinue reading “Soon Until Then Crow”

Invisible Shores

Where fishermen cast their nets in the hope of rich reward is a place not too far from our own shore called invisible shore. God denotes to the trained eye a change in depth or of saline density. But to our own, it’s difficult to tell that anything has changed at all. Currents swirling andContinue reading “Invisible Shores”

Ascending Denial

A whack candle holder in enamelled metal holding a white candle which is burning. Undisturbed I think I try to reflect on the stillness and to find the right words but instead of prose I get a big fat nothing and end up feeling empty. In the bed also made of enamelled metal a dyingContinue reading “Ascending Denial”

The Clock Ticks

Tock. Tick Tock Tick Tock Happy New Year! Bon Anniversaire! Bienvenue! Such things occur, as they are wont to do. No? And the wind does change and a northerly blows past your window! Succour for the masses gathered in their classes. Huh? Not tonight my friend! Tonight is Your Life! BANG! You are dropped on yourContinue reading “The Clock Ticks”

Windows Monstery Saboteurs

  Now there fucking adverts IN Microsoft Windows. I bet Bill Gates successor is laughing all the way to the bank! Where a homeless junkie will puke over his $20000 shoes and jab a syringe into his leg and inject his infected needle into his thigh spitting yellow blood speckled phlegm as he draws hisContinue reading “Windows Monstery Saboteurs”

Big Red Race Car

Vrummmmmmm, Vrummmmm Mirror, signal,  manoeuvre How am I doing? Anything coming? HOW AM I DOING? I’ve got a big rad race car It’s made up of parts of me Really I’m a machined pice of engineernig of glistening pieces , of glistening pieces. oiled and lubed up the eyballs blue, eyeballs blue. HOW AM IContinue reading “Big Red Race Car”