Conversation With A Worm

Hi. I am alone. It’s dark in here. Where shall I begin? Are you comfortable? Well, I died in 1991. I never got to see the Spice Girls live and heaven knows what happened to my CRUISE! Well, life It was good if you count all the nutters I had the acquaintance of knowing. Vainglorious petty, tooContinue reading “Conversation With A Worm”

Dresden’s Bloody Flow

The hill captures the spirit of an age all can look upwards and see its peak Zombies moping around at the bottom cause a squeeze. Should I zombie or follow? Spare parts for sale get your android here! Get your arms here! Energy pills for sale! Words for Swords and the incessant kill What I leaveContinue reading “Dresden’s Bloody Flow”

Behind us lies the truth

Back from the dead. I chose death. Behind me was life. I chose death. Close by life. I chose death. Behind was the tale that I grew up. I chose death. Behind was the impression effort made. I chose death. Behind were my friends. I chose death. Behind were accomplishments, minor and many. You knowContinue reading “Behind us lies the truth”