The Circumference That I Had Always Wished For.

prompt ( from Anonymous on Tumblr): i am in love with a man who is a mathematician. i can never be with him, never. he is way too good for me and despite seeing the saddest colours when he takes off his glasses, the flecks of blue in his eyes, he completes me. i justContinue reading “The Circumference That I Had Always Wished For.”


I just read a blog on Tumblr

That had in it colour codes for communicating the way you feel about a blog or the person behind the blog. It went somethingĀ like this:- black – I would date you Brown- Ā I don’t like you/your blog Purple – Your blog made me think of waterfalls Rainbow – BED PLZ As someone who has statedContinue reading “I just read a blog on Tumblr”