Taking The Pith-Helmet

I was daydreaming and along came a book deal from a local publisher and a publicity photo shoot. Trying to come up with an image that might reflect the contents of the book lead me to think that no matter what I tried people would think I was taking the piss so what better ployContinue reading “Taking The Pith-Helmet”


I am all out of lyrics. Symbols must therefore, rule from now on or at least until I have got through the complete back catalogue of Janis Joplin lyrics and tunes and something like normality has resumed around here. Whatever that looks like! Answers on a postcard please! (or just comment below) There are aContinue reading “Blindman”


Life is so Multi-dimensional. Nothing rhymes with Multi-dimensional. Ahhem. Cought! There was once a brown bird It lived in the sky There was once an ant It lived on the ground There was once an Ipad It lived in someones hands Applaaause!!!!!!!!!! Hellow! My name is Andrew… I am a practising alcoholic I practice asContinue reading “Magnifier”