Octogon Prime

Otherwise known as T’chu. T’chu is the leader of this alien race that has lived in near isolation on their planet in a distant galaxy. They have the ability to transform themselves or to join up with others to make giant superstructures which they use in worship or other ceremonies. Peaceful and warlike their isolation hasContinue reading “Octogon Prime”

Ascending Denial

A whack candle holder in enamelled metal holding a white candle which is burning. Undisturbed I think I try to reflect on the stillness and to find the right words but instead of prose I get a big fat nothing and end up feeling empty. In the bed also made of enamelled metal a dyingContinue reading “Ascending Denial”

Greebo and Toad LeStrange

‘What a strange place to begin writing about your life,’ said Toad ‘The Pond?’ said Greebo ‘Yes Greebo, The pond. It’s hardly the place to start writing about one’s life. It’s not where we started. It’s where we end up! Figuratively speaking you understand’ replied toad ‘I began life in a hole in a ground…There was nobodyContinue reading “Greebo and Toad LeStrange”

Good, Feeling Fine

Thanks, Ephraim! No Problem Joe. OK! We good to go? Sure, are! Just a swig of that old Mas’ Sure Eph. Here y’are! Ohhh that’s mighty good. How you feeling Eph? Good Joe, Feeling Fine! That’s us Eph! Good, Feeling Fine drinking Old Mas’ Wine Hey, Joe that sure sounds like a good time drinking Old Mas’ Wine (Together) Hey! That rhymes! (Together) Our indoors says we haven’tContinue reading “Good, Feeling Fine”

Peony, Cartwright c.1908/Thorny Devil

During a drought everything is thirsty for liquid sustenance. Even the ground itself is parched dry and its wells give up nothing that eases the suffering of the many and of the few. The few fight on, cropping precious droplets from the air and from steep rock-faces to collect the early morning dew which theyContinue reading “Peony, Cartwright c.1908/Thorny Devil”

When Windows 95 Rocked

This one’s for you, my friend.   I used to think that long hair was cool, that Alanis Morrisette was a tool And that Cummerbands were the height of goth fashion. And the world was turning ever so slowly after the Mac plus and Mac SE30 days I remember from my childhood spent spilling blood, unintentionallyContinue reading “When Windows 95 Rocked”