Through the exterior SCI/FI xxPLANT LIFExxANTSxx

  SCI/FI Jim called and I came. There was nothing more to the relationship. I emptied the vending machine and cleaned the openings and chutes and checked the levels of coffee, tea and chocolate. It was time to go on a Friday afternoon and I was full of chocolate powder. It’s surprisingly difficult to eatContinue reading “Through the exterior SCI/FI xxPLANT LIFExxANTSxx”

Red Dust From Mars

Upon the morn did Rita shine. Her head bobbing up and down. Groans were heard coming from the room. Then the words ‘faster’,’faster’,’FASTER’. Ginny walked into the room to see Rita on the exercise bike and Brian bashing  the controls of the deficient treadmill. ‘Hi Brian, Rita!’ said Ginny cheerily ‘This piece of shit won’t goContinue reading “Red Dust From Mars”

Toadfish Deserted Me

I grew up under the Southern Hemisphere haze of Australian television soaps. Daphne and Des Paul and goings on at the ….watering hole (forgotten name) were normal pre-dinner fare for me until I moved in with my dad who had none of that stuff I recall. He had a television! But I spent all my timeContinue reading “Toadfish Deserted Me”