I have seen the future and it sucks and I have done my research. Memories are better than new experiences. What do you think I did twenty and thirty for. To carry on being a dick in my forties? No way! Its muffins bacon and egg for breakfast then steaks and mushrooms for elevenses. AtContinue reading “Dogs,Doctors,Dirges”

God free fix available £5.99

The reality the idea held together with bonds insoluble in water A fence is a two way street only if you happen to be tall enough to step over it hows about something not like barbed wire but like a crown of thorns or not. Isn’t Jesus sacrifice enough to stop talk of war fieldsContinue reading “God free fix available £5.99”

Hello Cupboard

Hello! Cupboard How Are You? My Name Is Andrew. Comment Allez Vous? Ca Va? Ca va bien merci, Est ce que voudrais un cafe? C’est in bon idee! See how we live in the twenty-first century Talking to my cupboard about the day might seem strange In fact its as pink as blancmange to sayContinue reading “Hello Cupboard”

Runs (again)

Here is another Runs piece of writing with some rhymes thrown in it. ————————————————————————————————– Runs from one place to another without moving. Runs forward and backward without moving. Runs up your back without moving runs with your legs. There is a place where reflections catch the light in the glass mirror surface of the pool, WhereContinue reading “Runs (again)”