Surround Yourself With Love

If you love something ‘set it free’ is how the saying goes. If you love something a lot though you are likely to do the exact opposite and hoard it around you like flies around you know what or wasps on ice creams on a sunny day. But this means nothing, I hear you say,Continue reading “Surround Yourself With Love”

Bucket List

Bucket List, bucket list cough it up. What should i do next? Why is reaching your dreams so bittersweet? Why does the milkshake empty before I am finished? Why is the bullet train on a new platform? Why do i have to wait with other people? Can’t i be home alone and with my words?Continue reading “Bucket List”

Rage! Is it worth it?

Ask me ‘do I like rage?’, before and after When I am soaring like a hungry eagle on currents of pain or relief. It comes. The lion, tiger, hippo roars. The birds fly. They come back a little wiser than before. The piano falling , the rainy cloud -stormcloud Its my skull and people haveContinue reading “Rage! Is it worth it?”