Mad Munc – Todays Thoughts

  Edward… Ring any bells? The nineties… blag prosody. Smooth skin rancorous streets, Single bed You know it best. 2016 student of the avant-garde life award for best trousers Pass it off as your own Advertising will never notice Too wound up in itself to care about me dancing in the street. Yeah. I danceContinue reading “Mad Munc – Todays Thoughts”

Alma Step-Mater and Pater

Sorry about the confusing title to this blog. Read on and all if not all then something will be revealed. ‘Twas a strange day with things attached to a certain significance that only could be. I saw the member of the upper-class before I got home. He was carrying an umbrella and swaggering it likeContinue reading “Alma Step-Mater and Pater”

On The Phone With a Bone Shaped Cone

It’s past six and I feel like I have achieved nothing today. OK. I did write something earlier but it wasn’t great and I did steal images from google to illustrate it with. So the Angel on my shoulder says. The devil on the other shoulder is not there – he’s probably on holiday in theContinue reading “On The Phone With a Bone Shaped Cone”

Back flip In Slush

My heart has been yawning for an eternity. Yawn Yawn, Yawn. Then today it got haunted and did a backflip all within the space of two hours. This is an occasion worth writing about. Normally my heart is just ticking away like some indispensable but thoroughly boring part of my anatomy and without wanting toContinue reading “Back flip In Slush”