Put down something

Hell did not put it first but I did my own bidding or so I thought. In the street, onto the beat of things came my whip and onto the next street, my mind did a strip. And the next street and the next strip, strip, strip. And never came and went. Eventually, I venturedContinue reading “Put down something”

Take It Easy

Tied up by time Constrained by your emotion thoughts like quicklime On an island, on a plane On a boat to nowhere. Stand and stare then retreat slowly Playing out the twists and being the vine in blue jeans, in the commotion your sensing a crime. Your world in motion connected to mine through lightContinue reading “Take It Easy”

Mad Munc – Todays Thoughts

  Edward… Ring any bells? The nineties… blag prosody. Smooth skin rancorous streets, Single bed You know it best. 2016 student of the avant-garde life award for best trousers Pass it off as your own Advertising will never notice Too wound up in itself to care about me dancing in the street. Yeah. I danceContinue reading “Mad Munc – Todays Thoughts”

Behind us lies the truth

Back from the dead. I chose death. Behind me was life. I chose death. Close by life. I chose death. Behind was the tale that I grew up. I chose death. Behind was the impression effort made. I chose death. Behind were my friends. I chose death. Behind were accomplishments, minor and many. You knowContinue reading “Behind us lies the truth”

Water The Element

I wanted to capture something of the nature of water that beginning as vapour in a cloud eventually becomes the sea and oceans through what is commonly known as the water cycle. The stages are ripe for poetic interpretation and there is common literaure about the sea and water in various stages of flow. SeeContinue reading “Water The Element”