Rhyming Adventures

First word, First line, first stanza, Just like in The Tales of LaMancha Our hero is abroad on horseback And no-one is there to make him rack His brains, nobility, pride and bravery For escaping the tedium he calls modern slavery Hark! a lady in some distress is calling An opportunity to prove his manliness!Continue reading “Rhyming Adventures”

The little path to greatness

The little path to greatness is a MarioWorld of jumps, power-ups (with awesome sound effects)and mushrooms No. It is made of God and prayer, Luck and judgement, Hard work and toil sunshine and bad weather It’s a walk through the wood that leads to a mountain path that leads to the chariots of the gods.Continue reading “The little path to greatness”

Beautiful Blooms

Rasters, Rainbows, Riddles Colourful Colloidal Cummerbunds Dressy Dizzy Diseases Echoing Echolalic Elegies. I like my song; now, before, after and during. Pity it wasn’t like this before; Habit? Rabbit. Shot. At Dawn. I have had my care of worries. I have had a few false dawns. It’s not OK now. It’s better than before. TristarContinue reading “Beautiful Blooms”


Strike winters bough with leaf replenishing oxygen Us poor wanderers behold colour where there was none commonplace trivialities dissolve in nature’s bounty yellow neon is the message of plenty I observed ritualistic behaviours and uncommon pastimes illogical to follow yet logic occurred So meaningless, so recorded It will prevail into times anomalies Fear and passionContinue reading “Experiment”


Golem,Freak,Fool How dare you? Kid, Boy, Son Well done! Now you see what we can do to you. It’s One, Two, One Two. To our tune forever more you will march. One,Two. One ,Two. Resistance is painful. One,Two. One ,Two. We’ll Put you in gaol. One,Two. One,Two. Crucify you on nails. One,Two.One,Two. You won’t trimContinue reading “Golem,Freak,Fool”

Blah Blah Fink! – Its as if HP never happened

THE DURRELLS By Andrew Watkins   Today I watched the first episode of the Eeeeuuugh so bad spell casting of The Durrell’s. In it, I was surprised, at the activities of Gerald, Smiled at the antics of the two younger middle siblings and commiserated with the eldest, the writer in the family. Not forgetting theContinue reading “Blah Blah Fink! – Its as if HP never happened”