My Rice Crispy Valentine

You’re the grape juice in my wine

the fruit upon my vine

My Rice Crispy valentine.

Of all the things there are

you are completely all of them

Please allow me to list them.

The cackle in my cauldron

The grease upon my wheels

The stove I cook upon

The meter I pay into

The alleluia in my praise

the sunlight in my days

and as time will come to pass I will notice some things about you like

the sparkle in your eyes

the sensual curve of your lips

the delightful way you walk

and the funny way you talk

All sets my heart a beating as I anticipate our very first meeting when I will find out

Where you went to school and if you liked it

What about your family – Do you see them

Do you like animals? If not why not?

Would you come to my parents house for tea and cake?

Would you marry me and if not what would it take?

I would do anything for you.

My Rice Crispy Valentine.


Inspired by a longing for praise and adulation true love and Nineties music.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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