I have seen the future and it sucks and I have done my research. Memories are better than new experiences. What do you think I did twenty and thirty for. To carry on being a dick in my forties? No way!

Its muffins bacon and egg for breakfast then steaks and mushrooms for elevenses. At lunch, I sip liqueurs and champagne strawberries. Caviar sits on my desk for caviar and crackers for tea.

I drive a Mercedes Benz. Not electric. I fly executive, not business. I do rockpools not scuba. I do call girls not artists, singers too. I leave the dancers and exotics to you to you.

Dogs, Doctors, Dirges That’s what I’m living for, That’s what I’m living for.

Dogs, Doctors, Dirges That’s what I’m living for, That’s what I’m living for.

Call Me A Doctor

I need someone to hold my thermometer

While I examine you for defects

Come on over here

And drop your trousers

Tell me what it is

And I will Tell you what it is.

You come to me smelling of roses

and I respond with textbook poses

I practiced in the mirror during my thirties

I’m a space cow now. I’m flying on cow juice to an asteroid.

To an asteroid, I got the feeling, Of being. Now I am floating towards you.

Ever so closely, like balls on a snooker cue, we emerge from the pocket bruised and battered but eager to go further than before ever than before.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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