I have seen the future and it sucks and I have done my research. Memories are better than new experiences. What do you think I did twenty and thirty for. To carry on being a dick in my forties? No way! Its muffins bacon and egg for breakfast then steaks and mushrooms for elevenses. AtContinue reading “Dogs,Doctors,Dirges”


12 Hours to Go -Story 2

I am a royal pussy cat and I must learn how to drive the number 24 bus to fulfil the ancient prophecy of ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’. Mmm, that mouse was tasty. I liked the way its juicy insides tasted in my mouth and provided a culinary counterpoint to the fine crunch of its bones,Continue reading “12 Hours to Go -Story 2”

A Walk Through The Park

Its raining or it looks like rain is coming. Its cold and you feel clammy and damp. Then you see two dogs playing around ‘silly buggers’ as my Dad calls it. Suddenly you forget about your aching feet and legs and share for a moment in the dogs fun. For a second its like youContinue reading “A Walk Through The Park”