Suck My G*

It’s all over the newspapers Man Said ‘Suck My D***’

Apparently this is rap influence.

Well, I have two words for this.Thank You.

For paying attention. In the future perhaps you will notice  the flow of the words, the perlunking quality of the prose, the poeticism meant or accidently written by me after reading all sort of writers of all sorts of races…in all sorts of places in all of my ages including the walls of men’s toilets back in the old days. But thanks for following me and choosing my writing from all the thousands of blogs out there – even if it was on a different site!

Another thing is grammar. I have two words to say to you. Thank You.

Is a comma about as much grammar as I can handle when writing? Or is that I would do without interruptions without the comfort of having a place for such things as correct use of the things that slow me down? (don’t argue that point with me, I know its flaws) I am talking about such things as commas, full stops and correct use of quote marks which to me seems contradictory and confusing. When to use ‘   ,’ or ”     ,”?  Is it that I can not understand or just prefer not to interrupt thoughts, make a race out of a place on the correct queue and do something that can easily be put in at a later date? No. And hardly anybody seems to mind.

I direct you to my earlier comments on the flow of words, the perlunking prose, the poeticism accidental or intended and that’s enough. Today I was reminded of an old post when someone liked it. It was utter bollocks. No, It wasn’t. Yes, it was. I don’t know and then someone picks me up on grammar????Don’t you have other things to worry about mate?

Of course the small things matters but it Did not do Mark Twain Any Harm did it?

He of the nautical name and much admired and without not a little fame…and some disdain for something pernickety like correct grammar. When I am famous an editor could be paid to add the correct grrr..ammar!

I can dream but I wonder if he faced such problems and if he did how he got around them or through them or over them. Choose your metaphor! His autobiography was unfinished alas. Still there are his works to read.

Will the same be said of me. No. I hope so. Choose your answer in about twenty years from now and ask me later? Did you ever imagine…?

*G stand for Groin. It’s my new PC way of saying Suck My D***


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