In My Room 2

Telly welly on my brain

Drinking cider is lame

Recording off my box

Redskins and RedSox


Blackbox MTV

South Korea nominally

We are all skating down

to the hill.


Play a tune through

your speakers. Rocks ya!

Play with your beard. Foxes ya!

We’re all down in this house.


Chicks and those ho’s that

Don’t like to come around

round the bend to show ya!

What they’re made of.


Don’t force it make it,

tune and spake it

Off the wall

If you like it like that.


I ain’t got no reason

to hate you or even make ya.

Don’t come around here

swigging your beer.


And if your ho sheds her clothes

on the floor, I won’t complain

if she sucks my dick

while rubbing her titties.


Ain’t nothing like day  dreamin’

The way I spend my time doesn’t

concern you or those you know

Just leave me alone.


Words are my junk,

don’t make me a hunk

just supplies oxygen

to my nervous system


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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