Bask In The Glory Days

It’s not often I am told to bask in the glory. So I am doing it. Willingly.

Does this mean to take a break also? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I enjoy writing and to stop would be akin to cutting off a limb (no rhyme intended) So I will carry on writing and gaining the plaudits of likes from my loyal readers.


You Worked Hard

A Poem

by Andrew Watkins

Distance between us

In a dolls house

Your washing machine

My Television and bookshelves

Your bathroom

My dinner table

We split the house down the middle

with space for the garage mine

I flex my muscles in time

to the music on my system

while you play my little pony

It’s a novelty seeing you grown up

the last time I saw your were so small

and I missed the interesting years

with all the boys cigs and beer and reading books.

I missed out on. You worked hard, must ave.

Like writing in Mango, nothing is legible

Only the feelings of a lost home and time remain.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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