Conscription starts at home!
Shine that latrine
Polish those socks
Climb that laundry mountain
Conscription starts at home
Muck out that latrine
till your fingernails bleed
Shod that pony
Shim that tackle!
Polish that brass
Haul that ass
All the way to the railway yard!
All before breakfast starts
Clear that table
Mind those crumbs don’t get on the floor
or they’ll be hell to pay
today we start
a nuclear war!
The Soviet Union will fall
(against sugar and dust)
And Stalin will be no more!
MP44, MP44, MP44, MP44
Get behind that door
In your little hidey hole
I see your little nose twitching!
And your big eyes staring
And your poop is a smelling
And your product is amazing!
And you’ll keep on hiding
Until conscription day
When suddenly you’ve got two fine kids!
Close your eyes and wonder
If the nation’s place is over
And if you climb under the parapet
then look over, you will see
a beautiful land of clover.
With one dirty hand and one clean
lead your children there
and see the bright side,

Later On

Blues music plays softly and we chillax in the gazebo

Soft drinks are our game and we sip slowly on them

playing with ice cubes over snatches of each others eyes.

Later on, we lounge out our feet over each other

and laugh at our command of rituals owned by us

at our tender age. While we can’t go all the way, we go far enough.

Dutifully we acknowledge our position and get back to the house by three.

Where we are small again, aged somewhere between ten and sixteen.

Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas

I thought that I should try to connect with the magic of childhood this Christmas. So I thought I would write a Children’s prayer – a Prayer for Children to pray. When I was writing it I found myself remembering on some things from my childhood so I included them in my prayer and asked for God’s forgiveness. While in this frame of mind I found myself reconnecting with the simple ideas of prayer, which i had lost touch with as an adult. I soon gave up on writing a prayer for all children. (Which is just as well as they are probably capable of writing their own!) So I just wrote it for me.  I found this to be rewarding and cathartic. And the closure was a good thing to get so many years after the event. Perhaps we all have some hangups from our childhoods we could do with God’s forgiveness with. Try it. You don’t have to post it online. Just pray. Don’t forget to say Amen. 🙂


Dear God,

Please listen to me now because I have lots to say.

Please bless my mother and father sister and brother with an amazing Christmas. That means to let them be filled with the Holy Spirit and to get lots of presents and to be close to the Lord Jesus whose Birthday we are supposed to be celebrating.

Let Michael, my friend have an excellent Christmas. Lord forgive him for not lending me his bike. That way I don’t have to forgive him.

Forgive Nick for roundhousing me.

Forgive Paul for playing grown up games with me without explaining.

Let the starving people of the world have food enough to eat this Christmas. And give them homes to live in.

Forgive my Dad.

Bless the saints and us, the sinners.


Bask In The Glory Days

It’s not often I am told to bask in the glory. So I am doing it. Willingly.

Does this mean to take a break also? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I enjoy writing and to stop would be akin to cutting off a limb (no rhyme intended) So I will carry on writing and gaining the plaudits of likes from my loyal readers.


You Worked Hard

A Poem

by Andrew Watkins

Distance between us

In a dolls house

Your washing machine

My Television and bookshelves

Your bathroom

My dinner table

We split the house down the middle

with space for the garage mine

I flex my muscles in time

to the music on my system

while you play my little pony

It’s a novelty seeing you grown up

the last time I saw your were so small

and I missed the interesting years

with all the boys cigs and beer and reading books.

I missed out on. You worked hard, must ave.

Like writing in Mango, nothing is legible

Only the feelings of a lost home and time remain.