To F… by Edgar Allen Poe – An Analysis of Place

It seems that a lot of poetry I have been reading recently goes to enormous lengths to describe a moment or series of moments between two people or a place and a person or people and that this might be an area worthy of some further thought. Place is… people are… I think that aContinue reading “To F… by Edgar Allen Poe – An Analysis of Place”

The little path to greatness

The little path to greatness is a MarioWorld of jumps, power-ups (with awesome sound effects)and mushrooms No. It is made of God and prayer, Luck and judgement, Hard work and toil sunshine and bad weather It’s a walk through the wood that leads to a mountain path that leads to the chariots of the gods.Continue reading “The little path to greatness”

Death March

1234,1234,1234,1234 Trumpet blares bass drum kicks and the seats at the front allow no hiding. Polite treats combine with platitudes and sherry and middle England’s Barrow of Sorrow, brought up from the allotment where beer waters beetroot and wine shallots. I forget my plate is made of paper and it crumples in my hand showeringContinue reading “Death March”

Custody of A Soul

In the giant pigsty in the sky I have a bottle of whisky and a bottle of coke In the campsite, that is your heart Somewhere I’d like to stay and maybe Start a revolution and witness evolution and the fall of man. Sparkles shine all around shackles to our hearts bird souls flitting betweenContinue reading “Custody of A Soul”

David Dewar

David Dewar, I wish I knew yer I am sitting at home all alone in front of my computer Oh, David Dewar, I wish I knew yer. You could read my palms for me, then you could read me the psalms in correct order David Dewar, I wish I knew ya City are playing and myContinue reading “David Dewar”