Go Do An Access Course At Another Institution

The mountain I left I have returned to and I see now how tall and wide it is.


I wouldn’t mind but It took some effort just to get back here to have a look and I am exhausted already.

Now As I survey my destination somewhere behind this mountain I wonder wouldn’t it be easy if I had a helicopter.

Not that my destination is clear. I know of several possible destinations all of which lie behind the mountain. If I make myself light I can whisk myself up into the air and float over to them. where I can see like icebergs their pointed tops. Not, however, the 7/8 that lie underneath.

Passing over the mountain would give me knowledge enough to get through and into another void.


When I just sit and write nothing new comes out. I end up in voids, cold voids.

My pass is expired. I used up my chances when I was free had some money and a job, a car a so called life.

Now I have all that I need to survive and not a jot more dough I am hungry again. But my chances were blown in attempts years ago. What can I do?

Buy a book? I think impossible to achieve the ends I seek. Write a book and learn heuristically. It’s what I do already.

I want teaching or tuition. If I wanted to evolve out of primordial ooze I wouldn’t have applied to be taught.

Distance education means being taught from a distance, over the phone or online. You can do lots of things online and over the phone. It’s pretty vague description. It just implies that you require a computer with an internet connection. and a telephone. Doesn’t tell you any more than that. except you are also told by the success of this method that this method works. Great. Where do I sign?

But you withdrew your registration of past courses. You failed to complete others. You were advised to go and study elsewhere first then to come back. well, maybe that’s what I’ll do. except I am disabled and cannot study elsewhere  at a normal institution!!! and it would also stop me from taking part in the only social activities that I do. The OU is my only option for quality tuition.










Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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