Rhea Perlman – I Loved You A LOT!

Hi, ya people. I have typed this note in a sincere attempt to gain the attention of Mrs Rhea Perlman, writer and actress (Cheers!,Otto Undercover)  of whom I was a huge fan. Still Am. I’m 42 years old and still chasing  women in Hollywood… I know. I am right. Hey I’m A Fan!

Dear Rhea,

Be warned I write in Rhyme I’m Busted By your Smile Now doin’ time for my crime of passion, out of love and touch, out of time.Ow! Crossed Cow Horns

Thank-you for starring in Cheers where I first saw you act.

Like I said in the title I loved you a LOT in Cheers. And thought you were awesome!

For many years,  of being a slave to my art I opened a book on English Literature and while  listening to some David Bowie on quiet I vividly recalled your face and I remembered something from far back in my memory and recalled your character Carla Tortelli as one of my earliest inspirations. I quickly decided. I had to track you down and let you know what your character meant to me after all of these years in the dark.

So on to Google did I go and goddamit I saw you were married to Danny DeVito! I knew you were special and he is so funny.

And I found you on Twitter and I followed you. But a contact email I could not find. Huh!

Dismayed, I did open a can to drown my sorrow and in remembering you in Cheers with all those beers and the beer in my hand I thought this is not such a bad place, don’t get off your face. Write her a note on WordPress came the idea so the writer in me took over and three hours later I’m here.

Each measured performance by you in Cheers was for me like looking in a mirror as the lines tripped from your lips. I my mind I headed into teenage bliss.

It was like I could see your mind working behind cleaning the glasses

and I imagined you while not working at the bar and I think it was your hair! But something about you made me feel like I didn’t care and I would kiss the sky every time your character went by.

And then you would be standing there and i’d be directing and would pan over to you for one of your famous deliveries. Freeze frame, Your hair framing your face when coupled with your winning smile I would walk onto the set and on your lips, I would place a loving…

microphone and would ask you to record a message for my answer phone!

Ha ha. I meant you know…

(Now with VR we could do it virtually. Skype me!)

And you are an author! You wrote some childrens books. Lovely. Well done. I am an aspiring author myself and have tried childrens fiction and enjoyed writing it like I do most of the time Now I ‘ardened. Back in my youth it was your charcter amongst other American shows that made me laugh, smile and believe. Thankyou.

But I am pleased you kept your surname name, Rhea

For in Cheers is how I’ll always see ya.

Sorry about the rhyme.

Congratulations on writing your Children’s Books too.

Fondest Regards

Your fan



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