Was It All Worth It

I have drawn hundreds of Pictures for this blog. I have written thousands and thousands of words here on my blog. And what do I have to show for it. A blog nobody bothers to explore the menu on. Perhaps I need to stop sulking and begin promoting my blog. OK, I made ninety-nine percent of the pictures here on my blog. And I wrote all the words. I am an artist, a bit of a prolific one some say. But all of the websites I have found on promotion either involve paying money to someone or have either described convoluted methods of community blogging festivals which seem nice but a lot of effort possibly few and far between and requiring a social part of me that I find difficult. And I haven’t a lot to say except ‘look at my blog’ I did all the work on it. “The pictures I took or drew, the words I wrote” could be my quote I suppose.

Where did it all go wrong? I was happily producing, producing and producing but now I just ask myself difficult questions every day. Ones like ‘Do you have any prospects?’ ‘Whats the long term plan?’ ‘Why did you ever think you could be an artist?”Why did you ever think you were any good?’ ‘How old are you?’

You could call it a creative crisis.

My faithful ‘likers’ feel like friends now and I wonder sometimes what it means when they ‘like’ a piece of my work. Are they trying to tell me something? That they like it, that they agree with me, or find it edifying anyway.

I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing for long enough to make sense of it.

Isn’t the sky blue today?

See what I mean?



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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