My Take On Craft.

To me, there is nothing more powerful than incursive stories word by word being chipped from word wood; poems, plays, pictures too and to say that I include the visual arts also: before they are put on display.

Words pictures and sounds multiply words pictures and sounds which is to say simply to put down words pictures and sounds is to play God with words pictures and sounds as much as is possible. It helps if you have faith! Because if put down wrong it usually stands out like a moron in a bar trying assiduously to remain sober but failing. It does feel good the act of sheer effort of will. Put before luck judgement and whatever colour that may be and hope for a happy ending before putting down stylus or deleting! Carry on. Faith. If it doesn’t come soon, it will do. Eventually drooping chins and groans will subside before SPOTTING glimpses of perfection and signs that you are happy with it. Possibly allow for rages of introspection because good stories don’t come easily but don’t worry its not you: It’s the process. As an artist expect shoving and pushing, screaming and wailing and that’s just the punters with the odd baby teething. It’s all in a days work. Word count. Check. Doing fine thank-you Mr Fuss Fuss. Doing Fine. BUT mustn’t be too hasty either. In count. In time. I told you perfection don’t come easy. ANYWAY! Enjoy the process and learn from it so you can say ‘I did my best’ That’s my secret!

Begin again…I am no stranger to that cocked hat. (Put in it rhyme twill make your heart chime). Blow by blow accounts overblow the nitty gritty. And when it’s all looking pretty …You now know what to do.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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