My Take On Craft.

To me, there is nothing more powerful than incursive stories word by word being chipped from word wood; poems, plays, pictures too and to say that I include the visual arts also: before they are put on display. Words pictures and sounds multiply words pictures and sounds which is to say simply to put down words picturesContinue reading “My Take On Craft.”

A Writers Tale

Glued to the spot. My hands already finding the keys, the story not formed in my conscious mind, I swallow my pride and type. Immediately I have a thought. A bit to the left it goes. Huh? A bit to the left of what? The left-hand side of the keyboard? Where are the Q,A,Z? It’sContinue reading “A Writers Tale”

Delete This Post

There was once a room. And in this room was rap music. And at the other end of the universe there was another room. And in that room was rap music. At the End of The Universe there will be rap music. I live underneath on of them rooms So I constantly hear rap musicContinue reading “Delete This Post”