Dress it up down together

together hereafter down

inasmuch a down together

down in a together

down in a together

Inasmuch a down forever.

Inasmuch a down together. Forever. It’s all up-stairs forEVER!

Word together, frown together, drown together; rise up again. It’s society to me. Drown again, coming round together to heal the pain for real, in a together. WordSTOP! Change together and rearrange together in the milieu. Stop together in a spot or not; inside within again to rot; remain into down but inside naked, come together..inside in a together, in a together. STOP! Between us the down in a together would be forEVER into when together into which in a divide between us is HEALED! Into that goes NOTHING! DivINE healing is a BLESSING not a lesson in how to drive your car. Bitch STOP! Hallow! In a together within us all within us all. PEACE!


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