How small is the eye of a needle?

Well, It’s pretty small. And before you ask I’m not a rich man.

Today I cleaned my windows and watched a good film. Michael with John Travolta. It was moving. Did I believe in angels after watching it? Well, I did ask the question ‘What if there are angels amongst us?’ And I got the usual answer ‘All Hell would get loose’. Now I have visions of crowds of looters looting of televisions throwing of litter bins through car windscreens and general mayhem. So much for the Angels theory huh?

Well, maybe not. You have all heard the tales of miracles of God of healing and of the saints and stories of the ArchAngel Gabriel and of fallen angels sent to hell.l Well let me tell you something. I haven’t. I don’t know what books that all these stories are in Me I was reading Stephen King and James Herbert where there was plenty supernatural going on ( or down) but not of the horned devil with wings variety. And I’ve read Dracula. Is it because I am not literary (Said in the style of Ali G: remember him?)that the ouvre is just too immense to tackle even in small bites without the constitution of an OX and the disposition to spend whiling away the moonlight hours up to your neck in Rennaissance/Romantic Revival/Gothic fiction? Me think so. Me know so. (Me so horny).

If anyone has any tips then please do tell/leave a comment. I really do want Angels in my life.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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