Bored of Information?

Are you bored of information instantly there like so much apple pie warm and with custard. Its like suddenly the entire information about shops, libraries and other places I used to go is now available online. Where is this leading? Soon will we even have keys to our front doors or will a smart phone  app open it so we can let a delivery driver drop off a parcel while we are not at home? Just into the porch area so not let a stranger into your actual house? Sound like a good idea? Well its already been done, probably. Smart washing machines, Smart houses, Smart Offices and rooftop gardens with revolving solar self-watering technology is already here. And I still think cordless kettles are good ideas. Isn’t it the gap between the rich and the poor that’s interesting rather than tech you don’t need but want just to show how rich you are? For instance, I like it when I go into the pound shop and I can buy a pack of ten blank CD’s for a pound or buy in the ear headphones for a pound because its that gap being shrunk. cheap smartphones (that work) its all doing that work. Do I sound like a politician? I just have a mind for noticing these things, like how much things cost and how incongruous money can make things seem. But this does not make me shallow or dumb. No it shows that I pay attention to things. Information like prices for example. Now for someone who pays attention you might think the internet was a good thing especially if you are an advertiser. Now there are millions of webpages with joined up advertising campaigns across genres, across continents, across your country, in your area. Its a money machine. What used to be unobtrusive banner ads are now half the size of the page you are visiting in some cases worst in others. Its really gone crazy. Its so sad.  And samey. Countless reinventions of the internet has now made way for a constant Web ZERO where the worst features (the ads) have stayed and all the interesting features (diversity) are fast disappearing. What happened to MySpace. It reinvented itself and now it looks like some kind of social experiment gone wrong. Other sites have stayed the same way for years, and i mean years. Look at the Couldn’t they pick a less interesting format? OK It works but the rest of the internet moved away from such dull interfaces and replaced them with intuitive intelligent designs that made your journey more pleasurable from start to finish. Why does a start up company with two college interns like facebook was become something so boring and huge like Facebook now? Web ZERO isn’t about new technology its about extracting as much information and money from you as possible. I know that lots of organisations and people are only doing the internet to spread the word about themselves (me included) but Web ZERO is affecting them too now. Type in a search into a search engine like Google and you will not always be shown the results for the search query you typed. I typed in a search the other day and found NO results on a topic i was looking for. This brain drain simply would not have happened fifteen or twenty years ago. It wasn’t esoteric, it wasn’t too complicated just apparently unimportant to the current world order.  My Search was about Smart TV specifically the Amazon Fire TV Stick and its regulation. Instead of giving me no results it just gave me results for the search MINUS the keywords it could not find so I ended up with twenty links to the page where I could buy a Fire TV Stick but no hints or help whatsoever for finding information on what I went looking for which was information about the regulation of this new area of technology appearing in our living rooms. Isn’t technology supposed to assist you in living not take away the desicion making from you and put in the hands of a dumb algoryhtm designed to make Gooogle money. Google you have dumbed down the biggest technological advance of the last two centuries! You Assholes!*


*(It might be someone else’s fault)

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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