The vampire sat down on the sofa and let his body just hang there a while,

His mind was as empty as the feeling in his arms that went down between his legs, forming into a cross.

With his hands clasped he looked down. Seeing nothing of interest he looked up. Seeing as he found nothing there he allowed himself to go limp again.

In a moment he checked his mind again. It was still blank, empty like it usually was when he had fed.

He had fed alright. On tight flesh that oozed bright red blood of youth. Nothing seemed even remotely funny yet a thin smile briefly passed his lips before fading away just as quickly.

There had been a time before now, long ago, when the death of a victim meant something to him but now taking life, and the life that inhabited the body of his victims meant nothing. At least he wouldn’t allow it to mean anything. In moments of peaceful reflection he likened his killings as being akin to eating at a self-service restaurant. He had paid with his soul and so everything was fair game, he could go and take as much or as little as he wanted; provided he covered his basic needs, he was his own master. The towns centre was always full with victims galore where people moved about in the veins and arteries of the city streets and byways. He could take what he chose, something which he did with alarming regularity and dispassionate ease harnessing skills honed over generations.

His rooms in town were basic yet they afforded him the privacy he needed. He had some belongings and furniture there. The walls were painted white with patterned wallpaper showing patterns of simple flowers and greenery. But a vampire needs creature comforts less and less. Of course there are vampires who go amongst us wearing the same clothes as we do, visiting the same bars even listening to the same music and without a doubt spending the same currency. But the existence, in the sense of being a part of society has changed. Some of this of course was true but the vampires habits and the modern age have left the majority of them living a precarious existence, often getting by stealing the identities of their victims or taking low paid jobs depending on their abilities and predilections. The vampire of today does not have any means that are worth bragging about so he must spend his time doing things like working or committing bank fraud to make the ends meet.

But now our vampire was not doing anything in particular. His urge to kill was met, his rent was paid for, his appetite was satiated, so he got on with his day just like you or I might. He flicked on the TV, had a lie down, and dealt with interruptions like a caller at the door.

The vampire looked up, looked down then got up and made his way to the door. He opened it wide.

“Hello sir! Good afternoon! I am with the Jehovah’s Witness and I am spreading the word of the Gospel! Do you have problems?” asked the caller smiling widely.

The vampire seemed to think for a moment. The caller stood there with an expectant look on his face, not realising he was only seconds from potential death.

“We all have problems. I have problems big and small. You only have small problems.”

The caller smiled “Do you know of the love of Jesus Christ the Saviour of Mankind?”

“Jesus Christ was wrong about much of human nature and God does not exist, other than in the minds of those who do not possess the powers of reason to live a truly secular existence. May I remind you that I already know of the book from which you have learned of the figure of Jesus and have done for longer than you could possibly know or understand? What…”

He stopped midsentence as thoughts rushed into the normally quiet highways of his eternal mind.

The vampire was sitting at his computer waiting for an email from someone important who might save his soul from hell forever.

He ran his tongue around his teeth, clean from blood and smiled thinly as the memory of his recent kill came to mind. He remembered the struggle for life and could still recall the taste blood.

There was no expression on his face at all, just cold hard facts.

He was born to be a vampire, said his mother, just before he had sucked her life blood from her. Bitch.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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