Word Jokes

Robert the Construction Engineer replies in the affirmative regarding himself and his teams’ ability to undertake and complete the work described to a satisfactory standard.


Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

I once wrote a poem and stored it in my mind

about the day I became a fuddy-duddy scientist.

I would recite this poem to my colleagues who would

laugh politely and then pour me another glass of wine.

But I forgot the poem I wrote and I never did become

a fuddy-duddy clinical scientist. Instead, I got a diagnosis

after a breakdown of mental illness, and I got the feeling

that I wasn’t wanted in the role previously mentioned even

before I got started. There was accusations and violence

done to me and my person and it was unrelenting

and no surprise to me that I went mad, clinically so to speak.

I mean who goes through all that alone and ends up smiling?

Well my little MRSA poem may be forgotten as am I


Hello! Remember me smiling and happy. Well it wasn’t me

I wanted more than I had and I couldn’t get it in my job

But my disposition prohibited me from looking glum

and to be honest something had always been there to cheer me up

Hope. Hope that I could be satisfied one day with some work and effort

put in. And my little MRSA poem and me would have lived

happily ever after. But this wasn’t good enough for someone.

Someone who? I don’t know, but I haven’t a clue. But you

gave me something, perspective. It’s good to be on the inside

feeling warmed and loved but when you need to get fulfilment you sometimes

have to look outside the little circle of trust. Well I went bust in

more ways than one. Bust without and bust within.

I still look outside of the circle of trust

because I know that one day it won’t be there so I had better

learn to get some love without it already.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

I am so sure you saw us, in our colour coded boots

with our lightly perfumed soap spray and our

clinical wipes with you in mind, one at  a time

under beds and everywhere dust or dander could

gather. We would be there, ahead of you, with a care.

Because we are clinical infection control and you

are an unwanted, dangerous bacteria.

Monster Redolent Slimy Antidote

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Missing Reality Show, Agghhh!

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Mister Rasta Sing Aloud

Mime Really Said Another

Macho Racket Says Ailment

Meddle Roundly Suck Ass!

Misleading Recovery Says Ailment

My Recovery Says Ager

Methicillin Resistant says authority

Many reliable sources agree

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Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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