Tied Down 2

I am listening to Cheryl Crow wishing I had listened and had the patience twenty wasted years ago. For then I could have worn A diamond blue ring and had shoulders big and strong and walked down the path like it was mine and listened to the strangers and made my decisions with my girl. And we’d go into town and throw it all around. And rock it North South East And West wearing a vest. Yeah.

And my mates would all be young and free from such things as ties them down 2

Me 2. I am tied down by you. And the place I live. I stay for no good reason other than I carry an old fashioned image of home that seems out of time 2day.

You carry me or drag me literally through bramble bushes leaving me cut and bleeding for I say again no good reason. I can’t tolerate it any longer. I thought I was stronger. What I need is no place here. Why do I feel I am being guided by hand invisible towards a place where everybody will know I failed. But I have a talent. Me. Little old me. Such praise 2 day.

Pray. No I will not pray to a God that did not make it happen. It was the well. You have it 2.

Can I have forgotten already? 2late.

You arrive home after a day at work and you look tired and windswept. I love you. You glance in my direction and I think that you love me 2.

Could I be that I am dreaming and in reality you are leaving me here alone?

I think again of the meeting and the words unspoken and that’s enough 2 carry me through. Is it all in my mind? All of the time?

What does it say on the label? Schizophrenic. Medication twice a day. Risperidone. Methadone Pretty.

Are women 2 be trusted Am I 2 be trusted?

We shall have to wait and see.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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