Atlas Got The Job!

Atlas got the job of holding up the world. One day he might retire or become ill and I’m not done yet. Atlas! Always in the front. Always getting the glory. Well, he did not come from a broken home did he? He did not have a sister to raise and shopping to do every night after school? No! he had a garage with an electric door and tickets to the cinema every weekend. Sob! I could do Atlas job. Just give me a chance! I’m kidding. I used to have Atlas job but I gave it up for art. Now I balance nature and nurture on this slab of rock which actually is just as hard as balancing the world if not more difficult because it’s so small! People like us are built for large not small. I have grown into this role and for once can say I’m truly happy. I now do things in miniature and like the Bonsai, It’s impressive.

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Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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5 thoughts on “Atlas Got The Job!

      1. Haha! So glad you found this site too! I’m happy you participated! Also, glad you didn’t have any problems linking up to InLinkz!

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