Staring Death In The Face (Adult.Death.Comics)

Do you believe in Comic Death? It’s something I think about whenever I think about comics from Japan or USA. Does the UK even do comics? Yes, they do. But show me Manga and Its bloodletting dog shooting hell dogs and victims losing arms everywhere. But I am a nice man. I don’t like this sort of thing I say turning another blood soaked page…

Staring death in the face or twisted deformed life in the mirror where would you choose to rest your gaze?

Isn’t each one ugly yet poetically pure like butter or crimson red oil and acrylic?

What is it that draws us to blood? How can a comic promise blood?

What is blood except living death?

Bone was broken and splintered.
A silhouette of a tree that looks nothing like a tree except in your darkest dreams.

In this forest run creatures with green hair nose-rings, motorbikes, and Satellite.

Where have you been all my life? Is this the end? Should I open my veins now? or is it to be like success or loss, and not apparent until…you wake up dead?

I know we switch off a part of our brain when reading comics especially when young and people (grownups) say it’s not really like it is in comics Life?
It’s not pride and prejudice for sure.

I think I met someone a bit twisted and they warped my mind.
Graphic Novels. Love stories. Sick. Violence? gore?

What is the youth getting up to? Isn’t the image of a Lolita chopping the head off a schoolmate with a katana just a little unsettling?And a little bit cool?

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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