***Mature Content***

Ciserable Munts I need whiskey to survive So much for friendship Insert black forest gateaux into a vein in the toe and sit back You’re so slow and pernickety Unlike electricity, you care you care, you care Back from the edge of oblivion Dads taking you on the pillion to the evening show sitting in the frontContinue reading “***Mature Content***”

Staring Death In The Face (Adult.Death.Comics)

Do you believe in Comic Death? It’s something I think about whenever I think about comics from Japan or USA. Does the UK even do comics? Yes, they do. But show me Manga and Its bloodletting dog shooting hell dogs and victims losing arms everywhere. But I am a nice man. I don’t like thisContinue reading “Staring Death In The Face (Adult.Death.Comics)”

Low Fat Peregrine Margarine

Love, control, incest Love, control, incest Bees pour down on me from their honeyed home Annoyed because I poked his hive, tongue-tied, now dying alive. Love, control, incest, sting, sting, sting Give me support, give me support take my legs from under me and attach me to a star, so I can swing merrily along. TakeContinue reading “Low Fat Peregrine Margarine”